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December 2020

Key Reasons Your Electricity Bill May Be Too High

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Many people struggle when it comes to dealing with their household bills, and some find that they are paying way over the odds on utilities such as electricity. Sometimes, this can be sorted out by simply switching to a cheaper plan or provider. However, if your electric bills are through the roof, you must consider the fact that there could be another issue.

There are various reasons why your electric bills may be much higher than they should be, and until you sort out the core problem, you could find yourself paying a fortune month after month. It is important to consider some of the possible causes, and if necessary, speak to an expert to determine what could be causing your bills to rocket. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why your electricity bill may be too high.

1. Issues with Wiring

If your electric bills are consistently high, there may be a problem with the wiring in your home. If you live in an older property, the risk of a wiring problem is increased, and this could eventually pose other problems in addition to high bills. You may notice other signs of a wiring issue in the home such as flickering lights, electric shocks, or even a burning electrical smell. If so, you need to ensure you call out a professional electrician to come and take a look at your wiring. Taking the DIY approach can leave you with more damage!

2. Leaving Appliances on Standby

Another issue that can lead to a spike in electricity bills is if you leave all of your appliances on standby every night. This is something that many of us are guilty of doing, as we live in a world where we all want convenience and ease. It seems far less troublesome just to leave things like the TV and consoles on standby, but this means that they still use electricity even though it is less than usual. So, when you do this every night and with a range of appliances, the charges can really add up.

3. Being Careless with Lights

Another thing that many of us tend to do is being careless with lights. We often leave lights on in rooms when we are not even using the room for a good while. Sometimes, we have the main lights on in a room where a lamp would be sufficient, and often, we leave lights on in multiple rooms without giving it a second thought. All of this adds up and contributes to your higher electric bill, so make sure you are more mindful of the lights you are using.

4. Using the Wrong Appliances

One additional issue that could be increasing the amount you pay for your electric usage is the appliances you use. It is important to ensure you invest in energy-efficient appliances, and this can impact both your energy usage and the environment. If you use appliances that are not energy-efficient or are very old and worn, they can eat through electricity and send your bills soaring.

Speak to the Electrical Experts

If you are concerned about why your electric bills are so high, get in touch with the team at Artisan Electrical. We will be happy to provide you with advice and arrange to come to your home and check the condition of your electrical wiring.