Appliance Installation In Melbourne


Trust Artisan for all your appliance installations and repairs.

If you’re looking for a company to install, service or repair your appliances, you can count on us to deliver. Typically with a new or faulty appliance, you would require an electrician quickly as they are a vital piece of equipment in our everyday lives. We realise this and aim to respond within 24 hours.

Artisan electrical installing a oven

With all oven installations, we arrive with the right tools to get the appliance installed quickly while ensuring the area is clean and free of rubbish. While installing, we ensure all clearances are met and the electrical connection is sufficient for the oven or stove. We’ll even take your old appliance away to be disposed off.


We install all types of rangehoods and can carry out the ductwork as well. It’s always vital that the rangehood is installed correctly with the appropriate fixings in place. At Artisan we provide a complete installation service that covers all aspects of the install – from preparation through to cleaning.


Cooktops are one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances and also one with the largest variation in power usage. New induction cooktops are very powerful and also very efficient. For expert advice and cooktop installation in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs, call on us.


We provide fault diagnosis and repair of electric hot water services. Whether you need a new thermostat or element or simply want to know why you’re having a cold shower, we’ll be there with a fast response and rapid hot water system repair in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

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