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December 2021

Ways to Tell if You Have an Electrical Emergency at Home

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While we all rely on our electrics, many people do not take steps to properly maintain and look after their electrical systems at home. In fact, some have no idea what the signs of a possible electrical emergency might be, and this could put them in a dangerous situation as well as risking the ongoing functioning of electrics in the property.

It is important to know what some of the danger signs are when it comes to your electrics. These could be signs that your home is in need of rewiring work or that there is another issue that could put you and your home at risk. Once you know what sorts of things to look for, you will be in a better position to call out an emergency electrician as and when you need to. In this article, we will look at some of the signs to look for.

Some Signs That Could Suggest a Problem

There are a number of key signs that could indicate you have an issue with your electrics and wiring at home, and this is the time to seek the assistance of an electrical expert. Some of the signs to look out for are:

Regular Electric Shocks from Switches

One of the things you may experience at home is regular minor shocks from switches and power outlets around your home. While you may pass this off as simply being an annoyance, it could also be the sign of something serious if it keeps happening. So, if you find yourself receiving minor shocks on a regular basis, this is something you should speak to a professional about in case there is an issue with your wiring.

Regularly Tripping Circuit Breakers

Another sign that there could be an electrical issue that needs to be addressed quickly is if your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis. Of course, we all experience blown fuses and tripped breakers from time to time, but this should not be happening on a regular basis. Rather than just brushing it under the carpet, you should seek professional advice and assistance to determine the cause and get any necessary work carried out.

Electrical Burning Smell that Continues

The smell of electrical burning is very distinct and very unpleasant, and if you smell this on a continuous basis you need to take action. Sometimes, you may smell it if you have purchased a new appliance such as a toaster and have just started to use it. However, if the smell is always present and for no apparent reason, it is important to speak to an expert and get them to carry out necessary checks.

Sparks from Outlets

One of the other signs that you might need to call out an electrical expert to check your home is if you keep seeing sparks when you unplug things from your electrical outlets in the home. It can be quite scary to see sparks come out of the socket when you unplug your appliance, and it can also be a sign of issues with your wiring or other electrical problems. So, make sure you speak to professionals if this is happening in your home.

Call on Our Experts

If you are experiencing this and other signs of electrical problems in your home, you can call on our experts at Artisan Electrical. Our professional and highly trained team will be able to arrange to come out and take a look at the issue. We can also carry out any necessary work at competitive rates to help ensure your home is kept safe and functional.