Why Call Commercial Electricians? Check Out The Common Reasons

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Not all electricians are created equal. Commercial electricians provide wider electrical services compared to residential electricians. The difference in their services stems from the fact homes and commercial properties require different electrical jobs. 

Electrical System of Commercial Buildings

First, you need to call a commercial electrician if you have electrical issues on buildings, warehouses, offices, factories, or any other commercial spaces. Second, if the issue is an emergency, then you must immediately call a commercial electrician who can respond, investigate, and solve the electrical problem in your commercial space. 

Lastly, electricians for commercial spaces are more equipped and are trained to assess large and more complicated electrical systems. However, this doesn’t mean that residential electricians aren’t capable of doing the same, it’s just they’ve been trained to deal with different properties and fields of expertise.

When To Call A Commercial Electrician?

There are a lot of possible circumstances that you’ll need to call a commercial electrician. Nonetheless, we’ve narrowed these to three common reasons so you, as a tenant or an owner, knows when to call one for your electrical emergency needs. 

Power Outage

It’s important to note that a power outage can either be scheduled or not. Therefore, if there are no notices of any power outages affecting your commercial space, then we recommend that you call a commercial electrician. 

The first thing you should do is to call the electrical utility company. If you noticed that the power issue is isolated in your office or warehouse, then chances are you need some to look at your electrical wiring. 

Once you call an expert commercial electrician team, you should be detailed with where and how the issue started. Once the team or person is within the vicinity, allow them to assess, identify, and eventually, resolve the issue or cause of the isolated power outage. 

Fire Hazards Due to Electrical Issues

In the USA alone, electrical fires have been estimated to have a total of $3-billion damages for commercial spaces. This is very alarming but one of the best things you can do as a business owner is to prevent this to happen.

An important thing why we recommend calling a commercial electrician, even if your issue is in your home is that they are also trained to identify and assess fire hazards brought about by any electrical issues. 

Some of the reasons why fire caused by electrical issues happen is because there is a low-voltage in the switchboards, the insulation in the power and distribution in the circuits, and issues on the final distribution board and circuits. 

With these, commercial electricians may recommend circuit breakers, busways, and switchboards installation to prevent an electrical fire. However, the recommendations must be provided only after a thorough assessment of the commercial space. 

Tripping of the Safety Switch in the Property 

Commercial electricians have noted that the three most common safety issues for tripping of safety switch include the following: 

  • Damages in the wiring;
  • Issues on or faulty appliances or machinery; or
  • The safety switch is broken. 

Installing safety switches by commercial electricians are important because these monitor the electrical flow through the circuit. The safety switch also triggers if it detects leakage which is then one of the best protection from electrical hazards. 

Call A Commercial Electrician Now!

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