Choosing the Best Electrician for your Home

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Having your electricity works done by a trusted and qualified electrician is essential for your peace of mind and your family’s safety. Getting an electrician that does not do the job correctly can pose a severe threat to your family – and the consequences can be fatal.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons for building fires is faulty electrical wiring. If you don’t want to be placed in this situation, the best prevention is getting an electrician that is licensed, qualified, and highly recommended.

Allow us to run you through some information that can help you find a trusted electrician.

Why do I need an electrician?

If you’re already asking yourself this, then the answer is a yes. You need an electrician to change standard light bulbs, installing new power points and transformers, fixing broken fittings, changing plugs of electrical appliances, and improving wiring.

It is not advised that you do DIY electrical work. If looking for a qualified electrician gives you peace of mind, bear in mind that you are not that person. Let the professionals handle their job.

What are the Qualifications of a Trusted Electrician?

An electrician must have an electrician’s license. If the electrician can show this to you, then it means that they have completed all the necessary training, they have completed their 4-year apprenticeship, and they have a 12-month on-site experience.

They also need to have the Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) license. This confirms that the electrician is capable of carrying out the job in an ethical and industry compliant manner.

How to Choose an Electrician?

  1. Ask recommendations from your friends and family

It would be best to get the recommendation of people you trust the most. If they recommend an electrician to you, they are highly likely to be satisfied with their service. Also, the first-hand experience is an excellent testimonial to check the professional capability of your chosen electrician.

2. Ask trusted contractors

If you know tradespeople like builders or painters, they can be people who can give you recommendations, too. They are likely to have worked with electricians so they can give you some recommendations. Still, you have to cross-check.

3. Look in your local area

You can also try to look online about local electricians in your area. The search can provide you with a number of results, and it can be the starting point of your search.

4. Check online reviews

If you use online reviews as a basis for choosing which restaurant to eat or which product to purchase, then the same goes when looking for an electrician. You can find reviews of your prospect electricians on Facebook, Google, WOMO, True Local, and other sites.

Looking into the testimonials of their previous client will give you a glimpse of their professionalism, capability, or absence. If you do not see the electrician listed on this review site, then it is your cue to exclude them from it.

5. Get a couple of quotes

Before deciding who your electrician will be, ask quotations from your top choices. It can help you seal the decision as some electricians might not charge you at a fair price. The price can be a deciding factor, too.

6. Ask to see their license

You must check if they have their license because this is proof that they are qualified. If they show it to you without hesitation, then it should mean they are trustworthy.

7. Ask if they have a Certificate of Electrical Safety

And they must answer it with a YES because that’s the only answer acceptable to this question.

Laying the electric works of your house or building or establishment must be done by capable hands. Electrical work is something that requires expertise, experience, and professionalism, so your chosen electrician must possess all these qualities.

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