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Tired of hiring electricians who don’t live up to their promises,or you just feel that your electrician has been taking advantage of your ineptness? Artisan Electrical is an Australian-based electrical company run by highly-skilled and certified electricians who understand the industry in-and-out. They have branches all over Australian cities, towns, and municipals Coburg being one of their main operation centers.

We at Artisan Electrical understand that quality customer service is key to our progress and success. Our talented and experienced artisans respond immediately to all customer queries and handle repairs, maintenance and installation jobs with unequaled accuracy. The promptness in our responses, combined with the superiority in our service delivery sets us apart from the crowd.

Keyed in our customer care phone number on your phone, but don’t know if we will help solve your electrical problems? Here is what we can do for you:

  • Accurately install, professionally repair, and smartly replace all electrical switchboards regardless of where you are in Coburg, Australia.
  • Electrical wiring for small homes and big business premises
  • Digital TV installation services
  • Electrical appliance installation and repairs, including ovens and cooktops
  • Servicing and maintaining phone and data systems

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    We aren’t a niche-oriented electrical service provider. We at Artisan Electrical offer plenty of services in a variety of electrical niches. We do have the most trusted artisans that don’t need supervision to deliver services beyond your quality expectations in residential and commercial areas.

    Electricians in Coburg

    If you need your facility and electrical systems repaired or maintained, our artisans will visit you to inspect the systems and then deliver comprehensive and efficient services, which won’t disrupt your operations.

    If your electrical systems, machines or wiring develops issues amid the late hours of the night, you can always reach out to us for timely and impeccable solutions. We won’t keep you on the waiting for long as we are a 24-hour electrical company run by smart and caring electricians super good at what they do.

    Besides working with talented and qualified technicians, we use the latest and most innovative electrical machines and tools. The electrical repair and maintenance industry has developed immensely in the last few years, with tons of advanced machines, trends, and tools hitting the market every day to streamline repairs and maintenance. The best thing is, we have adopted all of the trends and tools, so you are getting more than just electrical services.

    When next you feel that you need an electrical service regardless of how big or demanding the project is, call us for quotes and estimates.

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