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Are you a resident of Camberwell searching for electrical experts? Artisan Electrical is in the area, and we would be delighted to assist you should you have any electrical concerns, whether for your home or for your business.

Our company consists of professional electrical technicians who have undergone years of training and can be considered veterans, as they have been working in the industry for so many years. Not only do we provide electrical services, but we also offer free comprehensive analysis and advice, depending on the service you hired us for.

We provide assistance that ranges from important to urgent, or even urgent and important. We have a team of friendly crews that could help you define the services you need when you need it.

Artisan Electrical offers the following electrical services and more:

  • Electrical maintenance – we use cloud-based management software to ensure maximum efficiency in delivering simple to in-depth analysis for any of your electrical maintenance
  • Appliance installation and repairs – when you buy a new appliance, we can be of help in installing that for you. We also offer repairs for faulty appliances, as we know it greatly affects your daily lives when something at home isn’t working properly.
  • Digital Communications installation – if you bought an extra phone handset and you need a hand in installing that, or your new TV is too heavy for you to install, just give us a call; we would be there as soon as we can.

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    • Lighting installations – when it comes to lighting, our company can offer services from your oldest chandeliers to your most modern LED lights.Electricians in Camberwell
    • Emergency situations – our company prides itself on providing one of the promptest services to repair any of your electrical emergencies, getting your home back to being safe and sound. This service is available 24/7, so you can call us at any time of the day!

    We have a branch in Camberwell, so you can be assured that we can respond within 24 hours or much less. Our prompt response is one of the reasons our company is proud to be recognized as one of the best electrical service providers in the suburb.

    We offer a very competitive price, and you have the option to either be quoted on a per hour basis or based entirely on the job. If you would want to work with us, just give us a call, and we can make a quotation specifically for you!

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